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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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  • Keyser: The Edge was using Keyser capos at the beginning of the Elevation tour but later switched to the more stationary Shubb capo. This might be due to Bono's striking at his LP Goldtop during the 'duel' feature in "Until The End of the World". With the spriing loaded Keyser, it can easily be pushed out of tune.
  • Shubb: Used after the Keyser capo during the Elevation tour and holding over for capo duties during the Vertigo tour. Again, this choice might be more to overall stability of this model versus the spring loaded Keyser 



HERDIM blue tear drop picks.
These are available at the following sites/dealers

Dunlop slides. I've seen Edge use both chrome and brass over the years. I've not read or heard of any particular preference.
Dallas Schoo has developed the 'ring slide' that The Edge has been seen using for "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" and "Miracle Drug" during the Vertigo tour. Desecribed before the tour as his 'secret weapon', said one fan, it is merely as the name suggests - a slide the size of a ring. This allowing for one to play chords and single note figures and slide without putting on/taking off a full size slide. Naturally, this works great for a standard tuned guitar when the desire notes are not that of an open tuned guitar but that of one or two strings only.