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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Line 6 - Echo Pro

Line 6 Echo Pro

Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler/Loop Sampler

- The Edge has been seen using both the rack and stompbox versions of Line 6's popular Delay/Echo modeler (Model Simulations listed below). Often the stompbox version has been seen on a small pedal board such as during the Today Show and other promotional duties for "The Hand's That Built America" (from the film: The Gangs of New York). The stompbox version can also been seen on top of the keyboard and used during 'New Year's Day' during the 'Elevation 2001 tour'.
- The rack mount version of this effect has more recently been spotted in The Edge's rack, including studio photos (Hanover Quay) and promo shows for the 2004 release for 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb'.
- I am sure we will learn more about this rackmount version and it's applications as the promo shows continue, magazine articles are published and the tour (and tour photos!) begin.
Technical info courtesy of Line 6
Synchronizing a dream collection of classic effects has been a hit or miss (mostly miss) process. Now, the rhythmic possibilities are endless. Just tap a tempo to set the groove of your Tube Echo to a dotted eighth, let the Obi-Wah throb a quarter note while the Panned Phaser undulates a half note triplet. You'll find your ears reelin' in time and your toes doing that poly-rhythmic twitch that can only mean you've created another masterpiece. Ain't life grand?

Extensive MIDI features, analog Bypass, expression pedal control and 99 Program memories give the most sophisticated effects junkie total control and limitless options. High-visibility displays let you know what's going on. Innovative tempo controls translate delay times and modulation rates from milliseconds or Hertz to BPM and back. With the ability to dial in anywhere from a 16th note triplet to a whole note, you can simply tap a tempo or lock to MIDI Clock and dial in the perfect note rhythm to match any groove at any tempo.

24-bit processing and A/D/A conversion
99 User definable programs
MIDI Clock Sync
Tap Tempo
Innovative Tempo controls translate between seconds and BPM
Musical note variations for rhythmic freedom
XLR (balanced) and 1/4 inch (unbalanced) Inputs and Outputs
MIDI in and software selectable MIDI out/thru
Input/Output Level controls
A variety of mix options, including: Dry, Analog, Input Mute and All Mute
Completely user definable MIDI Map
TRS Stereo in/out for convenient effects loop connectivity
Universal power supply

based on*...
Maestro EP-1 Tube Echoplex
Maestro EP-3 Echoplex
Roland RE-101 Space Echo
Sweep Echo (filter-swept delay)
Boss DM-2 Analog Delay
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memoryman
Lo Res Delay (variable from 24 to 6 bits!)
Digital Delay
Digital Delay with Modulation
Magnetic Platter Echo
Stereo Delays
Ping Pong
Reverse (xirdneH imiJ ekil tsuJ)
Dynamic Delay (t.c. electronic 2290)
Auto-Volume Echo
…and 60 Second Loop Sampler