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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Gretsch - Silver Jet - xxxx - silver sparkle

19 May 1998 - Belfast, Ireland
The Edge playing Ash guitarist Tim Wheelers Gretsch Silver Jet

This guitar does not belong to The Edge. The Edge borrowed the guitar from Ash guitarist Tim Wheeler during the 19 May 1998 show in Belfast, Ireland.
In "A Concert Documentary" The Edge talks about how it was odd playing this guitar as he'd never seen nor played it before. Perhaps forgeting the Silver Jet that was in his hands in the "Lemon" video?
This also leads me to believe that the Gretsch Silver Jet in the "Lemon" video might have been hired for the video shoot.
Live Application:
As stated above, this song was used in the 19 May 1998 show with Ash.
"A Concert Documantary" (book)