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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Gibson - Ltd Ed. Explorer - 1976 - natural


Where have you seen it?
This guitar is one that is probably associated with The Edge more than almost any other. This and the 1979 black fender Stratocaster are the two guitars that he played most often during the Boy through War era tours. The Edge has appeared on numerous guitar magazine covers and photos with this guitar. It was purchased in NY while on holiday with his parents, circa 1978. The Edge has said that his parents had agreed to buy him a guitar while on the vacation. While looking at a few, the 1976 Explorer (Ltd. Edition) seemed to good balance.
By the 1992/1993 'Zoo TV/Zooropa' tour, the Explorer saw little to no action, other than for live performances of 'UltraViolet (Light My Way)'. By Popmart, it was nowhere to be found. It fell back into favour during the recording of 2000's multiple Grammy  winning, "All That You Can't Leave Behind", showing up in the video for the first single, 'Beautiful Day'.
During the 'Elevation tour 2001', The Edge would use the Explorer for 'Beautiful Day' and 'New York' from ATYCLB, as well as early period songs like 'Out Of Control', '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' and 'I Will Follow'.
The Explorer seems to still have some life - and songs - inside it. It has been seen during 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb' promo shows, during performances of 'Miracle Drug' and 'Out Of Control'.
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