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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Skrydstrup technical details

SC1 System Controller

We believe the SC-1 is the ultimate MIDI Foot Controller - or "System Controller" as we like to call it.


The SC-1 was designed to meet the rigorous demands of the professional touring guitarist.
When designing the SC-1, we painstakingly strove to create a System Controller that would offer user’s all the following features: maximum flexibility, reliable performance, intuitive functions, expandable software, and a sleek ergonomic chassis.
The SC-1 also offers some innovative MIDI features never offered on a System Controller before.
In addition, we wanted the SC-1 to be built for the future. Therefore, we utilized the latest state-of-the-art software technology enabling us to update and expand the features of the SC-1 at any time.  

Note (in the photo below) how the SC-1’s meticulous craftsmanship, superior design and attention to detail all come together in the perfect marriage of form & function.

Basic features:

  • Individual Midi Program Change commands can be sent on all 16 Midi channels simultaneously.

  • 10 separate switches assigned for Control Change functions.

  • Two global channel ports for Midi Continuous Control Commands.

  • 125 memory locations configured as 25 banks of 5 presets.

  • Scroll through the banks without activating presets.

  • Large 12 digit display.

  • Song/Set mode.

  • Create up to 99 songs.

  • Arrange these 99 songs into 5 sets of 50 songs each.

  • Master/Slave function for multiple footswitch system.

  • Bulk dump and bulk load functions.

  • Heavy duty Carling metal switches.

  • 6pin XLR bushing designed for use with SRD Rack System Interface.

  • Will work equally good as a stand-alone MIDI Foot Controller.

  • Designed to handle the physical abuse of touring.

  • Size: App. 18" wide and 12" deep. Height: 1" at the front and 3" at the back.

  • Anodized aluminum chassis.

Care is taken about every little detail.
Look at this beautiful solution.