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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Fender - Telecaster - [year uncertain] - blue sparkle


Where have you seen it?
The sparkle blue lends me to believe that this might be a Fender Custom Shop 'job', as he's had other Tele's made at the Custom Shop.
It's also got a HipShot string bender. It appears to be a B-String Bender, but I need to confirm this. You can read more about the various HipShot Benders and E-D Toggles at:
This guitar is mostly associated with "Vertigo", as this is the guitar that The Edge has been using during the promo shows. It also seems this guitar was used for "Native Son", which is an outtake/earlier version of what later became "Vertigo". The B-Bender seems more prevalent in the mix of "Native Son" then the final version of "Vertigo".
More info, coming soon.