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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Schoo 2 shirts

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All tour long - during the Elevation 2001 tour - I had made signs for Edge's tech, Dallas Schoo.  "U Rock Dallas", Dallas: The man behind THE MAN" and in Oakland my "SCHOO 2: Official Dallas Schoo Fanclub" sign.  That sign earned me one of Edge's guitar picks at Oakland #1.  Oakland #2, Dallas slapped me a high 5!
In Los Angeles, on November 19, 2001 - I apporached Dallas in the afternoon wearing a shirt that I had made in his honour.  It said: SCHOO 2 on the front and had my name on the left sleeve.  I presented Dallas with a SCHOO 2 shirt with HIS name on the left sleeve and a SCHOO 2 shirt for EDGE with HIS name on the sleeve.  Dallas was very cool and was genuinely nice and thankful for the gifts.  He told me that the next day (Sacramento show: 11/20) was his birthday.
I am assuming that the rest of the crew saw the shirts that I made.  I have heard that they tease Dallas and call him "Rock Star" because the fans call out his name almost as much as band members! 
On closing night in Miami (12/02/2001), it looks like they took my idea a step further.  The entire crew was wearing "SCHOO 2: Close to the Edge" shirts.  A friend of mine called me from Miami and told me about it.  I was very psyched to hear about it.  She called back during Mysterious Ways and In Gods Country too, so that I could at least enjoy a bit of closing night - even from 3000+ miles away in Los Angeles.