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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Fender - 'Eric Clapton' model Stratocaster -1989 - pewter finish


Where have you seen it?
It is the guitar that The Edge is seen with in the "Wild Irish Rose" video. It also is seen in a number of Hansa Studios/Achtung Baby sessions-era photos that were in Propaganda, Musician and Rolling Stone magazines; amongst others. And it was played during the 1992-93 ZOOTV & Zooropa tours.
Where have you heard it?
Live: The Fly & Desire (during the ZOOTV and Zooropa tours)
Studio: Uncertain
Video: U2 Live In Sydney (VHS), "Wild Irish Rose" video
What are the details?
This is a pewter finish 1989 'Eric Clapton model' Fender Stratocaster. Rene' Castro, who painted the various Love Town tour sets, painted this guitar with a snake and skeleton and some mauve spreckles. It has Fender Golden Lace Sensor pickups. During the tour, it appeard to have a white pickguard but this was replaced by with a mauve coloured mirror pickguard. (As seen in the 2/2003-2/2004 "Pride In The Name Of Love: 20 Years of U2" special exhibit at Cleveland's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.)