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Edge-Equipment: Stage and Studio
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Fender - Stratocaster - 1979 - black finish


- This is one of the guitars that many will associate with The Edge. It was this and the Explorer that were the main guitars used up through the end of the War tour. While still used some after the War tour, others, notably the `72 (or`73) Les Paul Custom comes to mind.
- One can see this guitar all over the Under A Blood Red Sky video.
- This guitar appears to have been 'retired' sometime during/after the 1987 'The Joshua Tree' tour.
- Live: 'An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart', 'Surrender', 'Two Hearts Beat As One', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', 'New Years Day', 'Gloria'. (1)
- Recording:
- Video: U2: Live Under a Blood Red Sky [showtime version] (1)
- U2: Live Under a Blood Red Sky [showtime version] (1)
- Guitar Player. June 1985.
- Guitar World. July 1987.